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Sabotage. That’s what most of us do to ourselves and our best workout intentions. Our minds play deeply sneaky subconscious tricks. Proof? The whole “my training and diet starts tomorrow”, or “may as well finish that tub of ice cream so it doesn’t tempt me anymore”. The good news: we’ve got scientifically proven tips to overcoming all these obstacles and fitness resistance by rewiring your thoughts for better training habits. You just need to read these tips, and then give us six weeks: it’s all you need to transform your body!

  1. Get an expert to design your workouts
    Just like you wouldn’t use an unqualified person to handle your taxes, investments, or dentistry, you shouldn’t rely on an influencer without certifications to handle your training – especially if you want to stay injury-free. And here’s the thing: it’s not just about safety; it takes all the guesswork out of what you should be doing. If you need help finding the right workout – hit this link. You get a free seven-day trial with some of the best coaches.

  2. Start slowly and nail the consistency
    The biggest mistake that destroys 99% of all workout efforts by beginners isn’t choosing the wrong exercises or from lack of enthusiasm: it’s from going way too hard too early. Here’s our golden rule: start small (we’ve got the PERFECT workout here, it’s called Ryan’s Restart Routine), and then build on it, little by little. We recommend two or three training sessions a week, and then once you’ve gotten past the inevitable DOMs and stiffness, you’ll have built positive habit loops that’ll keep you motivated and earning long-term gains. And don’t place unrealistic goals on yourself – here’s how to set SMARTER ones that’ll keep you motivated. 

  3. Rope in friends and training partners
    A problem shared is a problem halved, right? So, challenge friends or family to embark on a six-week training plan with you. They’ll help keep you accountable, and you’ll be able to share war stories about your stiffness, and of course, your results. Even if you don’t have any keen friends, The Movement Empire has training partners in every single workout who will help you with your form and help you enjoy every single rep from the coaches (even the burpees!). 

  4. Celebrate small performance wins
    We’re not talking about physical changes here, which are excellent, obvs, but they’re the positive side effects. These wins need to be about your performance: maybe you’ve done your first proper push-up or nailed 20 burpees in a row – whatever it is, you need to celebrate these mini-milestones. Get this right, and it will provide all the motivation you need.

  5. Start a reward system

You can set this up any way you want, BUT it can’t involve food rewards – those calories aren’t going to help you in your fitness quest. Skip the sugar bombs, and choose non-food treats like a massage, Netflix show, outdoor adventure, concert, hobby time, or a part payment down on some new fitness gear.  

Keen to get started on your new dream body? Sign up now for the TME bodyweight training solution, and you’ll only pay R199 ($14.99) per month – just R16.50 ($1.23) a session! Even better, we’re offering a FREE seven-day trial! Sign up now!