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There are two essential training rules we love here at TME. The first one: you can’t train at full intensity every single day or training session (hell, three full-send sessions a week is too much for most people’s training level). And secondly, lower-intensity workouts and yoga are brilliant at helping you get rid of your stiffness and prep your central nervous system for the next big workout. So, these five moves will help you with both points in an upper body focus. Here’s to more gains and less pain! 


Do 10 reps of each move but spend 30 seconds for the Bear Crawl and follow the rep scheme for the Shoulder Series. Rest for 30 seconds between moves. Click on the links for the full technique breakdown. Aim for three circuits and remember to keep the intensity low and the technique flawless.

  1. Prone Pulldowns
    This move is brilliant for gently working your back muscles, especially those that take a beating from sitting at a desk all day. It combines a Bodyweight Lat Pulldown with a Superman Back Extension. If you struggle with back pain and stiffness, here are a few more bodyweight moves you can add to this session that target your back. 

  2. Hindu Push-up
    This one requires a little coordination and practice, but it offers plenty of benefits as it targets almost all your major upper-body muscle groups and improves your flexibility and posterior chain strength. It’s a great move that helps unlock stiffness in the joints and muscles. Keep the pace slow, and don’t overtax yourself. 

  3. Bear Crawl
    This one is tougher than it looks, and it’s excellent at recruiting your core and shoulders. It’s also a great warm-up move. Do 30 seconds of crawling before resting and moving on. 

  4. Inchworm
    Yep, it’s got a funny name, but this move is no joke. Like the Hindu Push-up, this offers plenty of bang-for-buck benefits, and it’s also a brilliant one to incorporate into your warm-up. 

  5. Shoulder Stabilisation Series
    We know this is a little complicated, but it’s worth the effort – not only will it help flush out stiffness, but it will help build stronger, more stable shoulders. As one of the most common injury spots, it’s worth spending time bullet-proofing them. Follow the rep scheme in the exercise description link.

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